Find the best Clinical Psychologist in Brisbane

Find the best Clinical Psychologist in Brisbane

psychologist-brisbaneOne of the best Clinical psychologist in Brisbane, Dr. Mark Korduba (Psychologist Brisbane)  first and foremost concern is helping his patients live more satisfying lives, and learning appreciation of all the beauty that life has to offer. Every one of us must face every day several type of stresses, accidents, and ordinary events which may negatively affect our emotional and relational life. Learning how to cope with all the negative feelings and thoughts that we’re forced to deal with during our life, is the first step towards a better, more serene life. Clinical psychology can reduce the distress that comes from several conditions such as depression or anxiety, and improve the psychological wellbeing by using several reliable, tested methods and researches.

Mark Korduba (Psychologist Brisbane)

Advice and Treatment

People seeking for advice and treatment are often scared by the cold, excessively scientific approach of many clinical psychologists in Brisbane. Mark Korduba knows that a patient is before everything else, an human being, and always put the best effort into treating his clients with the deepest and warmest empathic approach, to help them making positive changes to their behaviour in order to live better and more fulfilling lives. Also all patients will be treated in comfortable, cosy domestic environment, with soft lights and a friendly and relaxing setting, to avoid the distress that is often associated with psychiatric treatment performed in hospital settings.

Personalized Approach

A personalized approach is tailored on each and every patient, to fully understand their own personal goals and achievement, and help them develop their wellness through a process that will finely fit their specific needs. Clients will learn in due time, to better understand themselves, the reasons why they feel their complex emotion, and get a better understanding of their own relationships, the image they project on other people and the negative aspects of their personality. Thanks to several custom-tailored strategies of clinical psychology and its outstanding experience in the field of evidence-based therapy, Mark Korduba  will give the patients several insights to help them achieve better control of their symptoms.

Mark Korduba is a clinical psychologist in Brisbane & works with patients of all ages, and help them with the treatment of many psychiatric or physiological conditions, including:

  • depression and anxiety
  • eating disorders
  • adjustment to physical illness
  • stress disorders
  • neurological disorders
  • bipolar disorder
  • addictive behaviours
  • personal and family relationship problems
  • learning disabilities
  • attention deficit disorders
  • children and adolescent disorders
  • social and interpersonal problems
  • challenging disorders

Mark Korduba provides confidential therapy for adolescents, adults, couples and families, ensuring the maximum discretion and respect for one’s religious beliefs, creed, race and/or sexual orientation. To reach the desired goal of personal wellbeing and mental health, Mark Korduba  (clinical psychologist in Brisbane), employs several up-to-date methods, including psychometric tests, interviews and direct observation of behaviour. Treatment programmes are defined together with the patient and his family, to personalize and schedule the treatment to meet his or her own requirements without disrupting his daily life and activities. Counselling and advice can also be provided as a part of a multidisciplinary team, in collaboration with other colleagues, psychiatrists, nurses, medical specialists and occupational therapists.

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